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Discontinue Aspirin or any drugs containing aspirin, including arthritis, pain or anti-inflammatory medications for two (2) weeks prior to surgery and for two (2) weeks after surgery.  These drugs may cause increased bruising and bleeding at the time of surgery due to their effect on clotting.  Use Tylenol instead.

Eat a balanced diet and do not attempt to lose weight in the two (2) weeks prior to your surgery.  Proper nutrition is important for healing.  Taking multivitamins twice daily will also promote your general health.

Fill your prescriptions prior to surgery.

Notify the doctor if a cold or infection develops in the weeks prior to surgery.

For liposuction procedures, begin eating plenty of fruits high in potassium such as pineapple, bananas, and watermelon.

The Day Before Surgery:

No food or liquids after midnight the evening before your surgery.

The Morning of Surgery:

You may brush your teeth but be careful not to swallow too much water.

Wash the surgical area with Hibiclens anti-bacterial wash thoroughly for 2 days prior to surgery paying close attention to the underarms, breast (including nipples), belly button and pubic area.  Hibiclens can be found at most pharmacies.  You can ask your local pharmacist for assistance.  Reduction of skin bacteria will decrease the risk of infection.  Please do not wear moisturizers, creams, lotions, deodorant or makeup.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that buttons or zips down the front.  No blue jeans.  Nothing that has to go over your head.  Remove all jewelry (including belly button rings), hairpins, contact lenses, etc.

Remember to take any necessary medicines with a small sip of water.

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