After Body Procedures

Breast Augmentation:

Follow-Up Instructions:
1.  Finish all antibiotics.
2.  Showers only, no tub baths.
3.  Use peroxide on incisions twice daily.
4.  No shaving or deodorant until after sutures are removed.

Post-Op Instructions After Sutures Are Removed:
1.  You can now shave axilla (armpit).  Do not shave directly over the incision until it is level.
2.  Use a spray or powder deodorant only for 1-2 weeks.
3.  Take one (1) aspirin twice daily until axilla (armpit) is level (if recommended).
4.  Do arm exercises until axilla (armpit) is level.
5.  NO mouth to nipple contact for three (3) months.
6.  Wear an underwire bra during the day.
7.  Sleep in a jog support bra for three (3) months.
8.  Begin breast exercises when instructed by the doctors at Willow Bend Cosmetic Surgery.
9. Call the office if you have any questions.  (972) 267-3223

Two weeks prior to surgery, begin eating plenty of fruits high in potassium such as pineapple, bananas, and watermelon.
1.  Wear the support garment:
a.  continually for three (3) weeks – you may remove them to shower.
b.  12 hours the following three (3) weeks
c.  during exercise for the following six (6) weeks
Making a total of 12 (twelve) weeks wearing the support garment.   We will furnish the garment.  Please purchase some TED stockings at your local pharmacy and bring them with you to your surgery.  You will need to wear the stockings continually for about one (1) week until you resume normal activities.

2.  If there is drainage of blood and fluid onto the garment, place an absorbent pad under the garment, over the area.  If there is excessive oozing, extreme pain, and/or swelling with the oozing, call the office.

3.  Drink one (1) quart of regular soda pop (not diet), Gatorade, or juice within the first few hours following the procedure.  For the next two (2) days, drink 1-3 quarts per day.

4.  Rest in bed quietly for the remainder of your surgery day.  You may be out of bed the next day, but be gentle with yourself.

  • Avoid hot tub baths for three (3) weeks.  We recommend you take showers only for this three-week period.

Because of drainage, you may want to place plastic trash bags or a shower curtain liner between your sheets and mattress.  (Trash bags for the ride home)

1.  Take your pain medication for pain and Tylenol for discomfort.
2.  Take antibiotics until all are taken.
3.  NO ASPIRIN for one (1) week following surgery.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office.  (972) 267-3223.

** Notify our office immediately if you develop any leg pain following surgery. **

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